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50MW Solar Module Production Line Soluti

  We mainly plan the 50MW solar module production line from seven aspects: product plan, production line equipment, auxiliary equipment, factory scale, main r

The tester is very convenient to use and has high accuracy - Malaysian customers

Fast product testing speed, good stability, and can significantly improve production efficiency - Suzhou customer

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50MW Solar Module Production Line Solution

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  • What is a solar module tester

      The solar module tester is a professional device for testing the output power and quality of solar cell modules. Its main characteristics include high preci

  • Detailed explanation of testing

      1、 Visual inspection  In the process of solar cell module inspection, the first step is to conduct a visual inspection to check that the battery module h

  • Operating instructions for the s

      The solar cell module tester is mainly used for testing and recording results of various types of battery modules. After the production of solar cells is co

  • What kind of enterprise is Wuhan

    Wuhan Yoha Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales of optoelectronic equipme

  • What is the role of the EL detec

    The solar cell module defect EL detector uses the electroluminescence principle of crystalline silicon to capture the near-infrared image of the module with a h

  • What is the working principle an

    The EL tester applies a 1-40mA forward current to the battery slice and acts on both sides of the diffusion junction. The electric energy excites the atoms in t

  • What is a photovoltaic module EL

    It is an internal defect detection device for solar cells or battery components, commonly used to detect various defects such as hidden cracks, fragments, solde

  • What is the difference between t

    3A refers to three indicators (spectral matching, irradiation uniformity, and irradiation stability) that all meet the A-level standard (highest), with only one

  • What is the principle of a solar

    The principle is to use a xenon lamp to simulate sunlight exposure and test its current and voltage at several points. Draw the IV curve by comparing the calibr

  • Basic specifications of solar mo

    1. Open circuit voltage (Voc): The voltage at which the battery cell is not connected to a load under illumination

    2. Short circuit current (Isc): The output c

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